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Domes have been used in construction for hundreds of years. Most of which were difficult and time consuming to build. A new technology has been developed, the patented Monolithic Dome. They are stronger, faster and easier to build. Monolithic Domes can serve any kind of building need, from churches to stadiums. Hundreds of the new patented Monolithic Domes have been constructed in the past ten years.

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The domes are made with a thin shell of concrete that is engineered to withstand 300 mile per hour winds.

Most tornadoes and hurricanes rarely achieve this velocity.

Your Monolithic Dome can stand up to most of what nature can produce. 


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A durable building that is low in cost to build and maintain.

Let your imagination discover the possibilities!


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Monolithic News

New schools, churches, gyms, theaters are being built everyday.

Domes up to 1000 feet across.


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Monolithic Gallery

For images of...

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Gyms
  • Storage Units
  • And More


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Help Wanted

We are looking for qualified construction companies to help build monolithic domes.

They are going up fast!

Architects, let your imagination sore. We need good designers to work with these new structures.


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